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George Cole stars (subtitles) (repeat)A routine surveillance assignment leads Regan and Carter to a massive car-parking fraud.Crackerjack veteran Peter Glaze features in the supporting cast, alongside John Thaw and Dennis Waterman (subtitles) (repeat)Mc Garrett and Danny score prime tickets for the NFL Pro Bowl, only for their plans to be derailed by the murder of an executive - whose drink was spiked by a powerful sedative - at a bar also attended by one of the players - real-life American football star Arian Foster. US crime drama, starring Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan (subtitles) (repeat)Marine gunnery sergeant Wendell Dobbs is gunned down in a drive-by shooting by assailants wielding AK-47s, and the team suspects the victim may have been involved in illegally importing automatic weapons into the country and supplying them to local gangs.He continues into India to marvel at one of Assam's great tea estates, makes the acquaintance of the local elephants and stays at a monastery where the monks introduce him to their unique dancing style (subtitles) (repeat)Michael's journey takes him to Bhutan, where he enjoys a last glimpse of the Himalaya before heading to Paro to enjoy a Buddhist festival.Here he witnesses archery contests and the unfolding of a giant scroll during the night of a full moon.Comedy, with John Justin, Moira Shearer, Roland Culver and Denholm Elliott A foppish English dandy leads a double life as the elusive hero, rescuing aristocrats from the guillotine during the French revolution.Even his unsuspecting half-French wife is unaware of his secret, but gets drawn into his adventures when her brother is threatened with execution.Last in the series (subtitles) (repeat)David Dickinson reviews some memorable moments from past episodes.

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Thriller, starring Danielle Savre and Jefferson Brown (subtitles) A diplomat attempts to relive a passionate youthful fling with a stunning redhead by embarking on a series of affairs with women who resemble her.A terrifying new creature that not even the Asgard can control threatens Earth, meaning O'Neill has to try to save the planet as well as the team.With Richard Dean Anderson (subtitles) (repeat)David Dickinson reviews some memorable moments from past episodes.Last in the series (subtitles) (repeat)The naturalist examines what the next few decades may hold for this remarkable ecosystem, and looks at the work of scientists who are trying to preserve the area and the species that inhabit it, assisted by research vessel the Alucia.

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He also embarks on an ambitious attempt to dive further into the reef than ever before to witness the resilient coral that live down in the depths and see if they hold answers that may help to overcome challenges that lie ahead, as the impact of humans on the reef continues to take its toll.

Sam goes undercover to find the truth after learning Dobbs gave up his combat post to mentor his younger brother, who had been hanging out with a gang.