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Two days prior, he stepped out with the beauty at the TIFF premiere of his other film, Molly’s Game, but he actually went out of his way to verbally introduce her while they were speaking to press at TMBU event: “This is my beautiful girlfriend,” he told Canada’s etalk.And according to the New York Post‘s Page Six, a source told the publication that the two have been dating for about seven months.In spite of national boundaries, all Somalis consider themselves one people.This unity makes them one of Africa's largest ethnic groups. Somalia is on the outer edge of the Somali Peninsula, also called the Horn of Africa, on the East African coast. Somalia was known to the ancient Egyptians as the Land of Punt.

So this pic of he and some woman has been floating around and it has Somali Twitter up in arms.As it turns out, that young woman is former Miss Vancouver (2014) Sabrina Dhowre, who definitely is the star’s new lady.Elba introduced Dhowre, 29, as his girlfriend while attending the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his new movie The Mountain Between Us.The Karkaar Mountains extend from Somalia's northwestern border to the eastern tip of the Horn of Africa, with the highest point, Shimber Berris, at 7,900 feet (2,408 meters).

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South of the mountain ranges, a central plateau known as the Haud extends to the Shabeelle River and westward into the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia.

Punt is also mentioned in the Bible, and ancient Romans called it Cape Aromatica.