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07-Jun-2017 23:41

There was this feel in the stadium, with New England so beat up on the offensive line and coming off a Monday night loss in Miami and traveling here, and the Steelers making Brady’s pocket dirty all day, and Pittsburgh up 24-16 late, and Bud Dupree sacking Brady to make it fourth-and-17 with four minutes left and forcing the Patriots to kick the field goal … On the ensuing drive, on third-and-four, the Patriots stoned Ju Ju Smith-Schuster four feet away from a first down. The Patriots drove 77 yards in 70 seconds, capping it with a Dion Lewis eight-yard touchdown run and Brady conversion pass to Rob Gronkowski. You may have noticed on this drive a Brady obsession with Gronkowski. Four passes to Gronkowski, three of them complete for a total of 69 yards. Roethlisberger, on the next play, found tight end Jesse James at the Patriots two. There is the cursory review, as there is for every touchdown … “There is no doubt it is going to hold up,” said Jim Nantz. Now what would Tony Corrente, turning on his mic to be heard in the suddenly quiet stadium. Richardson would have a difficult time continuing as the major impact player in the Carolinas sports scene with a whiff of scandal on him.

well, the feeling was this was the end of New England rolling over Pittsburgh. And the two-point conversion pass to Gronkowski too. At first blush, the Steelers, a zone coverage team predominantly, for some reason decided to play man on this entire series. At one point you could see Davis looking over to the sideline as if to say, New England 27, Pittsburgh 24. Ben Roethlisberger to Smith-Schuster for 69 yards up the left sideline, to the New England 10. James caught it, pirouetted, lunged and reached over the goal line. “The receiver in the end zone did not survive the ground,” Corrente said, using an inside-officiating phrase. • Other owners, executives and likely even players will have microscopes on them now.

Mostly, it was safety Sean Davis playing Gronkowski man to man. Both officials on either side of the goal line ruled touchdown. “It’s an incomplete pass.” How huge a play this was. As with the Hollywood scandal that began with Harvey Weinstein and quickly ensnared others, I don’t doubt that if there are some in the shadows in NFL circles who felt victimized, they could come out after seeing the results of the NFL Network and Richardson sagas.

Did James catch the ball and make a football move and cross the plane of the goal line with the ball? Roethlisberger hustling to the line, making the “spike it” gesture with his right hand. Richardson has been mostly out of sight as an owner since losing a somewhat bitter battle over the NFL’s Los Angeles market.

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There is no logical segue from one of the most powerful men in pro football, in apparent shame, suddenly putting his team on the market to one of the most dramatic games in years. Current and former NFL Network employees, three with Super Bowl rings, were accused by a 10-year wardrobe stylist for the network of overt harassment, including a claim that Marshall Faulk exposed his genitals and demanded oral sex.

“I saw all week how much he wanted this game.” You want to know why Tom Brady goes to bed at and doesn’t eat sugar and has avocado ice cream and treats his body so reverentially? Buttoning his blue checked shirt after the game at his locker, he smiled just thinking about it. We feed off it.” Pittsburgh 11-2, New England 10-3. But with 10-4 Jacksonville lurking, the loser could end up without a week off to start the playoffs. The Steelers had a four-game losing streak against New England, and were just 3-10 against the Pats in the Belichick era. Thanks to one overturned touchdown and the most vital NFL goal-line interception since Malcolm Butler, the likely AFC playoff scenario went from: 1. Richardson should not assume this, and, in fact, the league needs to make sure it investigates all of its employees and owners equally for this.

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