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Benjamin Kavanaugh (1805-1888) Missionary to the Indians and first grand master of Grand Lodge of Wisconsin. In 1844-45 he became the first grand master of the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin, but moved to Kentucky in the second year of his term. After 1769 he transferred the lodge Zur Sonne from Bayreuth to Anspach. He has been with Acacia Mutual since 1923, successively as counsel, general counsel, vice president, 1st vice president, executive vice president, and president since 1955. He is vice president and director of Association of Motion Picture Producers, Inc. Since 1905 it has specialized in the printing of periodicals and magazines. He was with the Mount Morris News and Gospel Messenger, Mount Morris, Ill. In 1898 with his twin brother, Harvey J., purchased the Mount Morris Index. Lunalilo died within a year and in Feb., 1874, Kalakaua was elected to the throne by a legislature convened for that purpose. Dominis, q.v., governor of the island of Oahu, was with him.

14, 1857 he was present with many other dignitaries in Lodge Le Progress de l'Oceanie No. The expedition was to search for the English explorer, Franklin, and was financed by Henry Grinnell and commanded by Lt. The expedition accomplished very little, having been caught in the ice pack in Wellington's channel; the ships drifted from Sept., 1850 to June, 1851 before they escaped into Baffin Bay. Late in 1854, half the party under a Dane named Peterson, abandoned Kane and the ship in an attempt to reach Upernavic, but after three months of extreme hardship, were forced to return to Kane, who received them kindly. His court was the center of German literary leaders including Goethe, Schiller, Herder, Wieland and others. Has been with International Paper since 1922; manager in charge of manufacturing since 1937, vice president since 1951, and director from 1956. Kays President of Arkansas State College, Jonesboro, Ark., from 1910. From 1923-29 he was president of Louisiana Oil Refining Corp.

The CE capillary and ESI needle are inserted through opposite sides of the tee and a narrow gap is maintained. The main problem of this interface is the flow rate between the two systems.… continue reading »

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