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DR1–DR4), and bedrock and drainage basin erosion rate data tables (Tables DR1–DR5), is online at

You can also request a copy from We used the CRONUS online calculator for erosion rate estimates (Balco et al., 2008;

Understanding how rates of erosion are related to complex, non-linear feedbacks between multiple Earth systems including the solid Earth (tectonic regime), the climate (precipitation and temperature), and the biosphere (vegetation) is prerequisite to developing such a model.

Throughout the twentieth century, geologists used a variety of tools to measure rates of erosion (e.g., Saunders and Young, 1983).

Because soils are typically well-stirred by physical and biological processes, shallow, human-induced soil erosion does not typically affect cosmogenic estimates of basin-scale erosion rates.

Many local and regional-scale cosmogenic studies (now 87) indicate that individual environmental parameters can influence millennial-scale erosion rates, although the results are not uniform.

Symbols sized to reflect the number of samples per study and colored to indicate relative erosion rate.

The most common approach equated sediment yield with erosion rate (Dole and Stabler, 1909; Judson, 1968).

Such an approach presumes that human impact is inconsequential and that short-term measurements of sediment flux are representative of long-term flux rates, but both assumptions have been repeatedly questioned (e.g.

Our compilation and analyses are carried out using available data, however, and further sampling in under-studied regions can only improve our understanding of how different factors control erosion rates. We included only unshielded outcropping bedrock samples collected from horizontal or subhorizontal surfaces and modern stream sediment samples from drainage basins that did not experience extensive recent glacial cover.

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For each sample, we collected data necessary to recalculate erosion rates (Table DR1).

Parameters considered in the past include latitude, elevation, relief, seismicity, basin slope and area, percent basin cover by vegetation, and mean annual precipitation and temperature.

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