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Do you feel more comfortable in the studio this time around? Last time was our first time working in a studio ever, really. Me and Brennan [Greaves], the guitar player, used to play in hardcore bands, and Britty [Drake, guitar/vocals] would play with hardcore and punk bands, and [in those scenes] you would set up in a basement with a shitty mic and just do it. But last time, half the battle was learning how to record a record, which was cool. So we did that and then we did two songs for a split and then we did like a single for comp here. whatever.” But also, Michigan is not that far away, so it’s not like we’ve been out of the loop of Wawa for our whole life.

But this one, definitely, we had a lot more confidence coming in. The studio is in Conshohocken, which is like 25 minutes out. The guy that [producer Will Yip] owns the studio with, Phil Nicolo, he produced and recorded [The Fugees’] “Killing Me Softly.” That all happened in the studio. Have you guys been fully indoctrinated into the cult of Wawa yet? It’s always funny when someone’s like “Yo, I can’t believe you’re talking bad about Wawa.” Do you think there was just a lack of that in the years between ’90s and the last few years, when this has kind of come back around?

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A cappella is when individuals or groups perform songs using only their voices.

Pentatonix has revitalized this difficult art in recent years, making it extremely popular around the world.